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Messages posted by: Fatny
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This is the heart of Larry Holmes:

I removed it from his body and put it into a bloody jar:

Then I placed the jar along my other jars. I have a collection of OBer's hearts.

May His Soul Rest In Peace.
Larry Holmes
reaper is garbage, wuss rope-a-dope i won't throw punches besides the hook style mixed with very poor defense

quitter too, threw the towel in that 2nd fight after getting knocked down by a weak punch

and will still talk shit after 3 clear losses, calling names and asking for more fights, no respect for that faggot
me i always hear people saying on a street fight you'll be better off with MMA. But many if not most of the street fights you'd get into have more than one guy on the other side, and possibly weapons.

Now if you're alone and you get attacked by 4 guys on the street, you can't really grapple 1 on the ground and do some mma tricks. You'd have a much better chance with good boxing skills, hitting from a distance and moving.
It's an aspect of the game. You're bright enough to have noticed that even if you're leading by a bunch and winning the fight, if you fall head first and get hit while falling you'll lose. So now instead of requesting a change just think of how to deal with that.

Your head bar's red, what do you do? You don't get hit by straight rights and by huge hooks. That's the shots that make you fall head first. And you don't throw them either, because if you're red and use big shots and get countered by anything you'll fall face first too.

So keep the hands up and move back and jab, clinch, use the down arrow until the bar looks better. Only jab when hurt.

Lots of noobs once hurt just start using the big shots. That's asking for it.
Yacoob's theory for sucking so bad is that others pratice more than him. Mine is that he is too dumb to actually be good at something.

Who's right? Who knows. Compare the fights played by a few people, read his posts and make your own opinion
More and more nonsense by Yacoob i guess it means i hit the nail and was exactly right!

And regarding the hours of pratice playing, the funny part about that one is if anyone types a few names to view the fights played they'll notice someone with 50+ fights days that stands out, Yacoob! Playing until exaustion 24 hours straight and when his body ain't able to take it anymore, he makes a new post about retirement!

Look it's not your fault if you suck at everything, but the next time find an excuse that won't end up making you look bad like this one!

*P.S: Don't laugh at Yacoob it's not his fault if he's like that. You wouldn't laugh at someone in a wheelchair would you? No you wouldn't. So give him a hug instead, he needs it!
Yacoob's a busy person!

lmmfao i keep reading it over and over

Since he's got nothing to do and nowhere to go and no one to talk to, he takes a few hours to imagine a story.

And once he's done, since he's still got nothing to do, nowhere to go and no one to talk to, he keeps reading his own story over and over again. What a great life! Greatness!
Looked around, didn't read, another 10 pages product of your imagination that you probably took hours to write. We've seen those before.

Now stop typing your shit, take your pills and return to the mental hospital where you obviously belong.

I'm sure when Yacoob's not playing OB, he's ramming his head into concrete walls like an autistic mofo. That's why he comes out with messages from gods and wacked up stories. Brain injuries!
Yacoob can't say good fight at the end of a fight because his earlier drugs abuse fucked his brain up. Here's what happen when he loses a fight:

First the anger phase, this is when Yacoob wants to kill you. The words good fight are replaced by son of a bitch, if he meets you on the street he'll beat you up, bla bla and rablabla.

After a while, there's another phase, the one where his wacked up mind tries to find a logic to him sucking at everything. This is where he calls others nerds, losers, says he's the one getting laid (when he of course isin't) and blabla rablalala. Once it's done he'll leave the room, look at his computer and actually start crying like a little girl.

After crying for a while, he'll go to bed and start talking to his best friend, a teddy bear to which his brain gave a personality. Then eventually he'll come back to the forums and make a post about how he had a moment of lucidity, heard god talking, peace, zen, blabla. Only to repeat the same pattern soon after.

Yacoob in a nutshell baby!
My apologies for making you mad and wanting to murder me and my family again, i would like to offer you this gift, a big nice roll of toilet tissue. To get rid of those tears, they look bad on your face! Smile up, don't worry be happy!

Breath deep ahhhh all that hate is going away doesn't it feel good? I didn't find a more stained version like those you usually like to use to maintain that great smell of yours but i'm sure you'll accept it anyway.

*P.S: (your face, maybe you'll want to clean it too!)
Ok but not a best of 5 like some suggested, rounds are longer now that would be crazy
jigsaw just slapped yanoo... who again? Oh yeah he's nameless now, slapped nameless and soon to be forgotten!

I scanned today's edition of The OB Ring just for you:
Blackbear is good, somewhere top15 easy, more than enough to teach people how to fight
why would you want to buy it anyway? I only see 2 , either because you think you could make good money with it or because you want to use the source code for whatever reason.

Don't know much about #2 but if you think you'd be able to make good money you're wrong, you can't do much more than either make the players pay a few bucks or put boxing (read: really unpopular and crappy paying) ads.

really great in the CV to showcase your programming skills though
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