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Messages posted by: Fatny
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like always, after a huge farewell post and about 2 weeks, Yacoob makes a comeback

we've got used to it, hi yacoob
HBO's Larry Merchant catches Fatny ring-side after his decision of Paul Dion

Congratulations on your hard fought win Fatny.

Thanks sir.

You've got quite a battered face tonight, we're not used to see this. How hard was Dion punching?

Man, Dion was the bomb. You know, bulldozers? Well his right hand is like that, a ***** bulldozer that comes at 150 mph on your face. His punches, they touch your body and before you know it, they break you. You're like, this guy punches like a girl. And then you're on the mat and you don't remember what happened.

You know larry that one time a whole cathedral collapsed on me? Well Dion's punches felt a bit like that, only harder.

I mean he ***** broke my jaw AND my rib with the same right hand.

And what about his speed?

Holy jesus this guy is fast. It's sickening, I never saw that. After round 1 when my corner told me he had landed 200 jabs to my 5 i figured i had a problem there.

You know, I was struggling actually seeing him, I don't think the human eye is designed for that kind of movement. To me it was a bit like watching a bad movie on fast forward, i couldn't see crap.

So I had to go back to the basics ya know, bruce lee, lucky luke faster than his shadow and that kind of shit.

I wasn't aiming at him when i threw my punches, had to take chances and throw punches where i thought he might be moving.

So in conclusion, how would you rate your opponent on a ladder from 1 to 10?

I think i'd rank him 17 and i'd like to thank God for this win.

Thanks for your time.
IMO Paul Dion (or The Paul Dion, or sir Paul as I always refer to him) is a top contender and one of, if not THE most skilled fighter out there.

Speed, power, reflexes, this guy's got it all. He's the total package. And let's not start talking about his charisma, everyone likes him, he's the people champ.

If I had to make a comparison to describe him, i would say he is a mix of Tom Cruise, Speedy Gonzales and the Incredible Hulk.

A future undisputed champion and HOFer!
saying the majority of the top 10 fight gay is wrong, you haven't fought many good players

personnally i think the top 5 is htf larry me usa and unstop and none there fights with the jab, fernando is up there too and he's a brawler

don't base your opinion on back to back fights against say Sugarray and Flash, the princes of gay-fighting
Just a quick tip mikkel, you should rename the title of your index page from "Online Boxing" to "Online - Free Online Boxing Game" or a variation that you like better that include those words.

That way you'll rank on google not only for "online boxing", but also for "boxing game", "online boxing game" and "free online boxing game".

those that search for "online boxing" ain't necessarly interested in a game, and the keywords up there are searched more often anyway.
Floyd tko 8 even though i got a baldomir avatar
kikin for president
i don't see where the problem is, he defended against nigel and won, nigel just had to play better and win it

1 defense against a good player per day is fine with me, kikin ain't that good, just beat him when you get that chance to
and labratory is a master at being an annoying shit ass loud mouth
love you too usa
1. Larry Holmes - whips my ass about every time, can't hit him when he's in "safe mode"
2. HTF - didn't fight him recently but he also whipped my ass about every time
3. Sugarray, Usa, Fatny - win and lose about as much these days
6. Unstoppable
7. jigsaw - unless it's another name for one of those above, knocks me down about every fight and i gotta dig deep to get the decision
8. Boxa
9. Mike Tyson
10. Nigel Benn

*based on the difficulty i have against each
a bumb is something you say when you're an idiot that enjoy shitting on everyone's head like labratory, like you try to write dumb, but you write bumb and you never notice it

proving you're an idiot while trying to make another look like one
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