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Messages posted by: Fatny
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What would be cool I think is if we could get 4 people, each player fighting all other ones many times, like 10 times each.

Then all 4 players would need to get tested by a few greats, like 1-2 fights against me, against John, against unstop, htf or larry holmes if we can get them to make a shot appearance for it. After the tests we'd have to make an assesment of the 4 players performances.

There would be a big thread in the forum for it and the first post would have a table updated with all of the tournament results and with the old great comments.

At the end, the public would make an analysis with the information they've got and vote on who makes the HOF.

And I agree you'd deserve a spot. Red Viper would also, we'd need to get him out of retirement
Blackbear vs Yacoob vs Red Viper vs Fernando Vargas 1 month tournament, the battle for the legacy.

Who's going to come up on top and grab the next HOF spot?
Fools stop trying to shove lies in people's throats with garbage like the Bible and norse mythology and go read real scriptures about the Truth.

The one true god is Osiris.

Looking for a living punching bag to shake off the online boxing rust, the legendary Fatny decides to enter Titan's room, the basement of his mother's house.

To is surprise Titan, a renowned online boxing virgin, is sitting on a computer chair with a "THRONE" tag on it with his pants down, getting his Schneider worked on by a strangely familiar girl on her knees. Or is he? Fatny looks for a second time...

It is in fact Yacoob wearing a blonde wig!

Fatny then unvoluntarly let's out a "What the f**k" and rushes out of the basement, letting the two men to their wicked fantasies and never venturing there ever again.

1) Stoppable
2) Larrie
3) Fatman

But i'll soon wup you both and you know it
could even get a few players to do that, each one with a different boxing forum or boxing chat during the fight.
Yacoob's almost right, commenting on popular topics works well. But you need to do it on related topics.

So if you're going to do that, instead of doing it on a Kim Kardashian event you should do it on a big boxing event. Like commenting on boxing forums under the name OnlineBoxing with an link in your signature during the Klitchko vs Haye fight on July 2nd.

- Fat
Here's Fatman walking in a desert in Vietnam about 1 month ago:

Redneck wrote:
Mikkel wrote:No wonder there was no results. It's running again, thanks

Thanks mikkel.

No problem.
I had a few fights these last days, you're dead meat Mikkel! Go buy insurance...
What's cool about tattoos?
Just wondering.

Is to throw more unblockable jabs IMO (that's never a good sign) but except that, like HTF mentionned it's to spam the normal jab, but that's average at best. Reason is it will do very slightly more damage than the unblockable jabs spam, but you'll be open to the straight right to the head and to the body.

Throwing unblockable jabs, you can't be hit by the straight right to the head.

You can't be hit by any punch to the body either.

You can't really be hit by a hook. You could in theory, but that ain't going to happen because he'd need to get in closer. But he can't get in closer since these jabs also stop the guy from moving. And he can't block them. That's also good to finish hurt guys that are running away (land 1 unblockable jab and it stops them from running, making them immobile right in target for more unblockable jabs or straight right hands).

Basically I think this punch is broken even with it's lowered damage. I think an unblockable stun punch shouldn't also be so good defensively. I'd say to make it right, there should be one of these:

A) Open you to the straight right to the head or
B) Open you to body punches or
C) Still be unblockable and good defensively, but no stun effect

- Fatney
Do you see more visitors coming from google from these very basic changes mikkel?
Jab --> make a bit stronger
Right hand --> make a lot weaker

I've only played a handful of fights in the current version but i think it's safe to say you're better off not throwing jabs - AT ALL - and just throw right hands instead. Right hands are one of the easiest punches to land and if you throw it while your opponent throws a jab, you'll take like 2% damage and he'll take 50%.

Throw a right hand while your opponent is leaning, that's more than 50%, land two and you've got a ko.

I'm also not a big fan of how every single jab makes the other guy freeze and stop moving, i think it removes a lot of the fluidity of the game even if it might be more realistic, but that's more of a preference thing (whereas the jab and right hand power mentionned above is a balance issue).

- Fatman
Check the stamina of the guys of some fights going the distance, if it's still well in the green it's more due to that than punching power. Could then slightly reduce total stamina, or stamina regen per round, or stamina per punch thrown and received. If it's not the stamina then raise the punching power.

Easy to check, if last round starts and people are still around 75% stamina, that's why it went the distance. Or if stamina goes close to the red or in the red and people can't down each other, it's because they don't hit hard enough.

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